Meet Dr. Rhiannon Holcombe

I believe dentists have one of the most important roles in our communities: we take care of smiles, the most important social tool we have!

Like traveling, pediatric dentistry is my passion. It brings the same requirement of needing to be bendable and adaptive to the unexpected. I appreciate each child for who they are, enjoy learning about their past experiences and dreams for the future, and care for each with patience, empathy, and understanding.

I hope by bringing a positive, can-do attitude, and providing an enjoyable and safe environment, I am able to create a good framework for children. I want my patients to have a lifetime of good oral health and bright, wonderful smiles!

~ Dr. Rhiannon Holcombe

Education and Experience

Growing up in a family with many members in the medical field, Dr. Rhiannon Holcombe knew at an early age she wanted to do the same. While completing her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University, she did a rotation through different medical specialties and one was with a pediatric dentist. She knew, immediately, that she wanted to work with children in dentistry.

After graduating Cum Laude, Dr. Holcombe attended Baylor College of Dentistry, graduating with honors and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). Following dental school, she attended the University of Illinois at Chicago Residency Program, completing her specialty training with a degree in pediatric dentistry and Master's degree in Oral Science.

In 2005, Dr. Holcombe started practicing dentistry: the fulfillment of her desire to help children!

Dr. Holcombe’s favorite thing is transforming children who are initially scared of seeing the dentist, or who had bad experiences in the past, and turning it around to where they love visiting her.

She knows it is important for children to feel safe and comfortable visiting the dentist, as that helps them form a lifetime of good dental habits. Receiving spontaneous hugs or cute drawings, and seeing a child’s impulsive grin after cleaning or fixing their teeth, makes her day!

Constant Learning and Professional Affiliations

Since completing her residency, Dr. Holcombe has actively sought-out opportunities to further develop her knowledge and skills. Through continuing education, she stays current with the latest technologies, newest methodologies, and emerging research in pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Holcombe is a member of the:

  • American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • Illinois State Dental Society
  • Chicago Dental Society

Through these organizations, she learns from the leading pediatric dentistry practitioners and researchers.

Beyond the Office

Originally from Irving, Texas, Dr. Holcombe has called Chicago home since 2005. She is in a committed 16 year relationship and the couple welcomed their first child, a girl, in July 2021. They also have three dogs: a flat-coated retriever, golden retriever, and a Shih Tzu.

When they’re not working, Dr. Holcombe and her partner are most often found outdoors. They love running, rollerblading, boating, and scuba diving. At night, Dr. Holcombe relaxes with a good book.

Dr. Holcombe’s other great passion – beyond children’s healthy smiles – is travel, especially overseas. She feels it brings patience, wisdom, perspective, and appreciation. As a traveler to another country, it is essential to adapt and adjust to the unexpected. One must understand different kinds of people, try new-to-you foods that one might or might not want to eat, and explore and celebrate other cultures.

All of these teach patience.

For Dr. Holcombe, traveling is a spiritual experience: it helps her see contrast and, in doing so, helps her understand and embrace the differences with an open heart and mind.

This is the same orientation she brings to each child she has the honor to care for: Dr. Holcombe treasures their unique and dynamic personality, and appreciates how each little one broadens her world!

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